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With my study Communication and MultimediaDesign I learned the basics for many skills such as designing, development, business relations etc. Some of these skills intrests me that much thay I want to continue developing them. Therefore I am searching for a intership that provides me the skills and resources to develop myself in these skillsets.

Front-End Development

I have always been intrested in making websites and applications. At this point I know the basics of HTML, JQuery and Arduino (C/C++). I am able to designs and do the front-end myself. I am currently intressted in any language that helps to create smart objects like self-learning thermostat, smartcitizen kit etc. For this i am looking to take intership in a company that makes smart objects itself.


Since this year I made contact with the device Arduino and Rasberry Pi. This made me intressted in creating my own smart objects. Last year I created my very first automatic watering system for plants. This was so much fun to do that I decided to follow a minor related to smart objects. Within this minor I learned the many ways to use technology to improve everyday items like lamps, traffic lights etc. With my intership I would love to improve my skill set in creating prototypes.

Business Relations

For my intership I need to do research for a subject that interests me and the company providing me the means to do my research. I've always been good working with people and i'm not shy to share my thoughts and opinions. I like to maintain contact with customers and providing them the information they are looking for. For my intership i'm looking for a company that can provide me the skills and resources to work on my research and protoype.


I am Jeroen Onstwedder, Student Communicatie and MultimediaDesign!

I'm 23 years and studying Communicatie and MultimediaDesign at the University of Rotterdam. I'm currently in my final year and searching for an intership in the Smart object business.


For more informations or questions please feel free to contact me. I will respond within 24 hours. Thanks for being intrested!

  • Adres:Planciusschans 7, 2728HN Zoetermeer, Netherland
  • Phone: +31 6 39 14 33 26
  • Email:J.onstwedder@hotmail.com